Eating Fish in the Monsoons? 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have Seafood in the Rains
(Photo Credits: Pixnio)

We all know the benefits of fish. From seeing it in nutrition pyramids in school to hearing about it from all our elders. Fish is a great source of omega-3 and vitamin D. fish can also lower the risk of heart attacks. And as we all heard from our parents, wish does make you smarter because it contains nutrients that help brain development. But is seafood good for you all year round? Watch How This Smart Crow Bargains for a Bigger Fish With the Fishmonger in This Viral Video.

Seafood has been a controversial topic in monsoon. Whether to consume or to not consume? We’re here to give you 4 reasons you should kill your seafood cravings this monsoon and stay away from seafood. Ice Cream Licking Trend Can Go Viral Literally! 5 Gross Diseases That Can Spread Through Food Tampering.

1. Breeding Season

As you may or may not know, monsoon is the breeding season for fish. These eggs from the mating season stay inside the fish and when consumed, these can cause numerous problems for humans. Try to stay away from seafood as much as possible.

2. Contaminated Water

This one is no secret. The water in monsoon carries loads of diseases that we’re not aware of. Seafood is contaminated in monsoon when it comes out of the dirty water. These carry out all the infections and diseases from the polluted and contaminated water. People and especially pregnant and lactating women are advised to not consume any seafood in monsoon.

3. Stale Fish

The sale of fish goes down notably in monsoon and these are then stored for a long, long time. Because the fish has been going around in contaminated and sewage mixed water, it’s already gone bad and polluted with germs. These fish are then stored in shops and frozen till they’re sold. Fish cannot be stored in a freezer more than 10 days or it’s not healthy for consumption.

4. Lots of Preservatives

Because these fish and seafood don’t make the sale as they do to in other seasons, they’re stored in the freezer with tonnes of preservatives to keep them smelling and looking “fresh”. So not only are fish bad for you this season, imagine old fish with loads of preservatives.

If you're someone who needs fish for the nutrition intake and can’t skip, try switching to tablets for them. Avoid seafood intake as much as possible and let’s hold tight and wait for the season to end!