Kim Kardashian Introduces Body Makeup by Covering Up Psoriasis on Leg, Gets Trolled for Promoting Unrealistic Body Standards
Kim Kardashian (Photo Credits: Instagram/kimkardashian)

Body makeup is the new trend now. From body shimmers to body contouring, every celebrity is coming out with body makeup. Rihanna with the Fenty body lavas, Chrissy Teigen with her Becca collabs and now Kim Kardashian with her body shimmer and body foundation. Kim received mixed reactions to her announcement. Of course, being a Kardashian, they can hardly receive all positive feedbacks. Also, if you’re curious to try body makeup without breaking the bank, we’ve included an easy DIY below!

On June 14, Kim Kardashian teased a range of body makeup for her brand KKW. Her latest launch includes loose body shimmer, skin perfecting body shimmer, skin perfecting body foundation and a body brush. Kim Kardashian posted a video of her wearing her body makeup on her leg, showing it covers up her psoriasis, as an introduction to her new product. She later added a video of her covering her the back of her grandmother's palm. The foundation covered her grandmother’s veiny arm very well and some people were quite impressed with the product.

Video of Kim's Grandma trying KKW body makeup:

However, people were quick to call Kim out for unrealistic body image she sets for young girls. They compared her to Rihanna who chose to launch something to make skin glow, not hide imperfections. While the body foundation looks very promising, some people are having issues with Kim launching body foundation. Looks like Kylie’s skincare line failure is affecting sister, Kimberly.

People criticising KKW body foundation:

Other celebrities didn't get hate for their body makeup collections so why Kim? Body makeup isn't something revolutionary by Kim K, it has been around for a long, long time. Maybe don't the product if you don't support it. She's catering it to people who would like to hide minor insecurities here and there.