A little over two weeks into the new calendar year and we have the first fashion trend coming up. It is men's facial hair trend called the Monkey Tail Beard. And it is just like the name suggests, beard kept like a monkey's tail with the curve becoming a part of their moustache. So it is more like a 'beardstache' trend. A lot of men sporting their monkey tail beard are sharing pictures online but it hasn't impressed much of the audience. So some have even given funny reactions to this first fashion trend of 2021. Seven Easy Ways to Maintain Healthy Facial Hair.

In the past few years we have seen several bizarre trends being followed online, mostly in terms of fashion. It is not sure who brought up this trend once again, which has been seen in the past as well. MLB baseball player Mike Fiers  is among the prominent ones who was spotted in his monkey tail beard in 2019. Men are now following it and well, it does look weird to see partial facial hair covering their faces like a monkey's tail. We bring you some pics of men following the monkey's tail beard and you can be the judge of how it looks. But from the initial reactions, people do not seem to be very impressed. Did you know beard bouquets were a fashion too? 

Check Pics of Men Following Monkey's Tail Beard Trend:

Mike Fiers Carrying it!


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Good Enough?


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What Do You Think?


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Furry Tail-Like!


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Joining In The Trend


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Here Are Some Reactions to it Online:


Going Bananas

It's Terrible!


Clearly, not everyone is impressed by the idea. What do you think? Would you want to rock this monkey-tail partial beard style? You could try it out, before you go for the clean shaven look.

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