Each year Indians celebrate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, who sacrificed his life and dedicated it to free the nation from colonial rule. The event is marked as a National holiday when banks and other education and corporate institutions are closed. People pay tribute to the Father of the Nation by participating in and organising numerous literary contests like speech and essay writing competitions along with prayer meetings, ceremonies and functions dedicated to promoting Gandhi Ji's values and principles to everybody. Gandhi Jayanti 2022 falls on Sunday, 2 October. To propagate his moral codes, this article brings Gandhi Jayanti 2022 speeches in Hindi and English. Gandhi Jayanti 2022 Fancy Dress Competition Ideas: Watch Video Tutorials To Dress Your Child As Mahatma Gandhi This Year.

From making people learn about spin and weave cotton to being the leader of various historical movements like Salt Satyagraha, the freedom fighter has given a surfeit of learnings and lessons. Therefore, when writing a speech about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Ji, remember to mention his visionary leadership, patriotic ideologies and his popular method of non-violence, which inspired many civil rights movements worldwide. Note that there are long and short forms of speeches which differ from each other just in the word limit. When writing a short speech, try to inculcate all the important points in concise sentences. Lengthy write-ups are advantageous for students studying in grades 7-12. Check out the tutorial videos below. Here Are 11 Interesting Facts to Know About Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Father of The Nation, On His 151st Birth Anniversary.

Gandhi Jayanti 2022 Sample Speech In Hindi 

Gandhi Janati 2022 Speech In English 

There are chances that participants will be asked to deliver speeches or presentations in front of a large crowd. Thence, to let go of the stage fear, remember a few essential public speaking tips that will help you in future. First of all, speak clearly, work on voice modulation, don't be scared of any public reaction, try to glance at the room to avoid eye contact with a single person and check your facts before passing them on to unknown minds. We hope that this piece helps you get the first prize on the momentous day of Gandhi Jayanti!

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