On Mother's Day 2019, Here's to All The 'Moms' Who Have Helped And Cared for Me Like My Real Mother
Mothers Day (Photo Credits: File Image)

Today is Mother's Day, a day dedicated to the ultimate woman showering us with immeasurable love and care. However, a day will never be enough for the days of support this one woman gives to her children, right from the moment of birth. I wholeheartedly wish all the mothers, grandmothers a very Happy Mother's Day. And as much as we appreciate a mother's presence, there are certain figures who have supported and cared for us, just like a mother and without their support, we would still be incomplete. So while a lot of people might plan to take their mother out for the movies or cook dinner, I look at the women who have been no less than a mother for me. A biological connection did not matter here, for the sheer care they had for me. Happy Mother’s Day 2019: Not Just Expensive Gifts, Here Are Other Special Ways to Bring a Big Smile on Your Mom’s Face!

A very happy mother's day to my caretaker who handled me with equal care when mom left for work. The one who made sure I was taught certain 'good habits' so I would not be as troublesome to my mother when she returned. You too held my hand when I learned to walk. To the one who taught me the words synonymous to mom and hugged me to sleep. You were the only one who I comfortably slept next to other than mum, of course.

Teachers are not just those who teach you from the books and blackboard, but ones that impact you with knowledge. To that one teacher, who took care of me while I struggled in a subject, Happy Mother's Day! My mother probably gave you the responsibility to make me understand, read, write exams and help me score well. I understand you being harsh on me, but you only wanted to me to learn and here I am!

Happy mother's day to my sister, who let me borrow her clothes or eventually passed them on. I may not have shared all my toys and teddy bears with you, but you are the one who taught me 'sharing and caring.' Thank you for helping me complete my homework and replacing my lost pen, pencils and erasers. You have saved me from the anger of my mother and also helped me right my wrongs.

As I grew older, I realised the maid is a mother too. Happy mother's day to you aunty, who helped my mother organise the house along with her work. Thank you for maintaining our house spic and span and getting specially cooked food on some days. My mother's day would be incomplete without you coming in every day. It is commendable how you manage not just your own but even several other houses with your skills.

A very heartfelt wish of Mother's Day to my best friend who is the youngest mother! Watching me flirt to helping me deal with my breakup, you are the motherly care and support I always look up to. You are the only one who knows me closest, understands me best and make me perfect. For whatever little thing I could not turn to my mother, I have found your shoulder to rely on.

And lastly, to the mother of all mothers, who make the very existence of us possible, I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day, planet Earth! You are the one who supports life and its being. You have tolerated all your children for aeons and will continue to do so. We have done some wrongs, which cannot be reversed, taken you for granted beyond measure but here you are supporting every form of life.

What I am today is very much because of each of you who supported me at some point. My mother has been constantly there with her shower of love, care and things I can never be enough grateful for; but you too have made a valuable contribution to my growth. Thank you for making me a child as I continue to grow up every day. While I will forever be indebted to what my real mother has done and continues to do for me, I wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day!