Isra' and Mi'raj is an important event that holds great significance in Islamic tradition. It refers to the night journey and Ascension of Prophet Muhammad to the heavens. Isra means walking or travelling at night; miʿraj means rising or going up to a high place. The Israʾ and Miʿraj are the two parts of a Night Journey that Muslims believe the Islamic prophet Muhammad (AD 570–632) took during a single night around the year AD 621 (1 BH – 0 BH). The Night Journey, also known as Shab e Miraj, Isra, and Miraj or Al Isra wal Miraj, is observed on the 27th day of the month of Rajab (the 7th month of the Islamic Calendar). "Shab e Miraj" translates to "The Night of Ascent." In 2024, Isra' and Mi'raj will fall on February 8. However, the exact date is dependent on the sighting of the moon of Rajab, in 1445. Shab-e-Miraj Mubarak Wishes, Quotes and Images: WhatsApp Messages, Lailat Al-Miraj Greetings, Facebook Status and HD Photos To Send to Family and Friends.

This year, Shab-e-Meeraj or Isra and Miraj 2024 is expected to be on the night of Thursday, February 8, 2024. As per records, Isra and Miraj took place approximately 10-12 years after the Prophet (S.A.W.) received revelation from Allah. It is said that this was a time of grief for the Prophet because of the recent deaths of his beloved wife Khadijah (R.A.) and his uncle Abu Talib.

Shab-e-Miraj (Isra' and Mi'raj) 2024 

Isra' and Mi'raj 2024 Date

Shab-e-Meeraj or Isra and Miraj 2024 is expected to be on the night of Thursday, February 8, 2024.

Isra' and Mi'raj Significance

Isra' and Mi'raj are observed as a significant event in the Islamic calendar. Muslims around the world commemorate it with special prayers, recitation of Quranic verses, and reflections on the spiritual significance of the night journey of the Prophet. On this night, it is a time for devotion, prayer, and seeking forgiveness. However, the specific practices and traditions associated with this event may vary among different Muslim communities.

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