Come December, and all kids are enthusiastic about seeing their favourite person- of course, we mean Santa Claus. The white-bearded, red coat plump man with his sack of gifts is one of the most important highlights of Christmas celebrations for all children. And even if you are a grown up, you will still get a smile when you see a plump man, dressing up in red Santa Claus suit, be it outside a cake shop or within the malls. But where does Santa Claus live when Christmas is over? Is it the North Pole or is it in Lapland? Or some other winter wonderland in the Arctic? "Where does Santa Claus live" is a frequently asked question by children every Christmas. We do not have an exact answer yet, but we tell you where he's supposed to be living. For Christmas 2020, Santa Claus are ready wearing their mask faces, to visit amid the pandemic.

Where Does Santa Claus Live?

North Pole: 

A lot of people believe Santa Claus or Father Christmas lives in the North Pole. It is traced back to a poem written by George P. Webster about Santa. In here, he writes Santa's home is "near the North Pole." The poem was written in 1869 and the belief that this is Santa's residence continues. American cartoonist Thomas Nast also planted the idea that Santa came from the North Pole in an image he drew for American magazine Harper’s Weekly. Christmas Card Day 2020: Thoughtful Christmas Messages and Wishes to Write on Greeting Cards And Send To Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season.

Lapland, Finland:

Lapland is a Winter Wonderland in this season or even generally throughout the year the temperatures are much cooler. Located in the Arctic Circle, stretching across northern part of Norway, Sweden, Finland and parts of Russia, Santa Claus is said to have his permanent residence here. There is a Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland where one can meet Santa Claus all around the year! The Christmas spirit is always ongoing in this part of the world, since Father Christmas lives here.

Santa Claus Village is a dreamland for not just kids but even elders alike as all that you have seen and read in fairytale books comes alive here. There are elves, reindeer rides and a chance to build gingerbread homes too. This is where you and the kids can meet up Santa.

Watch Live Video of Santa Claus Village in Finland:

Dreaming of meeting Santa already? Well, coming to the 'real' Santa Claus location, it is known to his chosen few elves. But you can definitely visit to Finland even throughout the year and enjoy the beautiful Christmas vibes in here. Wishing you all Happy Christmas 2020.

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