Bleeding eyes during periods is an extremely rare but real health condition that affects a certain part of the women population. One of the recent cases saw a  25-year-old woman visited the emergency room in Chandigarh after she experienced bloody tears. Although she did not face any sort of pain or discomfort, the bleeding eyes did scare her. The woman said she started experiencing the problem about a month before seeing a doctor.

The woman underwent ophthalmological and radiological tests after visiting doctors. However, at first, nothing could be found in the test results. Doctors could not find any bleeding from the girl's internal body parts. The woman says she has never felt this way before. After assessing the condition of the young woman doctors have found that this condition manifests itself during menstruation. Doctors found that the girl had ocular vicarious menstruation.

Doctors described the condition as 'cyclic menstrual bleeding from extragenital organs'. According to doctors, the most common organ for bleeding is the nose. However, bleeding can occur from the lips, eyes, lungs, and stomach. The woman's case was published in the British Medical Journal. Hormonal changes during menstruation affect the 'vascular permeability of these organs. The learners said it could cause bleeding.

What is Ocular Vicarious Menstruation? Its Causes and Symptoms

Vicarious menstruation is a rare condition manifested by cyclical bleeding in extragenital organs during menstruation. The bleeding may precede or coincide with normal menstruation, or it may occur cyclically in amenorrheic women. According to a case report in NCBI, "Vicarious menstruation represents cyclical bleeding in extragenital organs during a normal menstrual cycle."

The actual cause leading to this condition is still unknown. Endometriosis or the presence of endometrial cells in the extragenetic organs can cause menopause. The woman was treated with a combination of contraceptives containing estrogen and progesterone.

In the aforementioned case, the woman told doctors there was no blood oozing from her eyes after the three-month follow-up/ Bloody tears are also known as hemochloria. This is very rare. Sometimes it can be caused by a disease such as melanoma or a tumour.



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