All of us are understably stressed during the pandemic and it is more important now than ever to care for our gut health. The gut is essential for nutrient absorption and production, housing the immune system and microbiome, detoxification and interaction with the central nervous system. However, when the gut is stressed you could be at risk for nutrient deficiency and increased food and chemical sensitivity. Adding certain foods in your diet can support your gut health and the bone broth tops the list.

How Does Bone Broth Support Gut Health?

Bone broth provides a rich source of glutamine which makes broth the most powerful gut-supporting ingredient. Apart from glutamine, bone broth provides arginine and glycine both of which have been shown to aid in reducing inflammation and body fat. How to Boost Your Immune System? Practising These Lifestyle Habits will Power Up Your Immunity Without Vitamins and Other Health-Supporting Nurtrients!

By adding bone broth to your meals, not only are you protecting your gut but you are also stabilising your sodium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus in the body. Plus, bone broth can be an instant mid-day pick-me-up. Foods That Weaken Your Immunity: From Coffee to Sweets, Avoid These Foods to Keep Your Immune System Strong and Help Your Body Fight Infections!

How to Make Bone Broth at Home?

Be sure to always start with good quality bones that you pre-roast for the best taste and flavour. Boost Your Child's Immunity: 10 Important Nutrients for a Strong Immune System.

  • An acid such as apple cider vinegar aids in leaching the nutrients out of the bones, enhancing the release of amino acids glutamine, arginine, and glycine, as well as other minerals.
  • Also, be sure to add black peppercorns to your broth as it will aid in your digestion of the fatty protein in the bone broth. Also, remember to add enough sea salt to balance out all the flavours.
  • You can also take your broth to the next level by adding a few nutrient-dense roots, herbs, spices, and vegetables.

A great way to indulge in the broth is to blend the broth on high with the onions and tomatoes, or any vegetable of your choice for about two minutes until creamy, and then top with pesto. Exciting isn't?

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