Does Working Out Empty Stomach Help in Weight Loss? Benefits of Exercising Without Eating
Benefits of Working Out in an Empty Stomach (Photo Credits: File Image)

We all exercise with different fitness goals. Some workout for achieving an aesthetic look, while some train for strength. Depending on your goals, you will have to adjust your workout timings. Having said that, let us discuss, how exercising on an empty stomach can be beneficial for your health and help in weight loss. A person who wants to lose weight and belly fat, should exercise early in the morning without eating. Carbs or Proteins: What Should You Eat Before an Intense Workout?

When you start your day by working out early in the morning on an empty stomach, the body is in a fasted state. A ‘fasted state’ means when your body is no longer processing food. This helps in weight loss as the body feed on the stored fat and carbohydrates for energy, which enables a high level of fat loss. When you workout before having breakfast, the body is low in glucose which helps in more amount of fat loss.

How is Working Out on an Empty Stomach Beneficial?

When you work out in the morning on an empty stomach, glycogen, a stored carbohydrate, is often depleted in the morning. So after giving the body rest for seven to eight hours, the body could potentially burn a greater percentage of fat working out on an empty stomach as your store of carbohydrates is not available. While the presence of less glycogen in a fasted state may help your body burn more fat.

Working out on an empty stomach is good for people aiming for quick fat loss. However, if you are looking for muscle gain, you should not workout on an empty stomach. If you have a rigorous hardcore weight training session, you should eat complex carbs before a workout, as it will act as good fuel for energy.  There is a huge debate in the fitness world on whether one should workout in an empty stomach or not. It is recommended to follow what suits your body best and take proper consultation from a dietitian.