Internet Addiction Effects: How to Beat Anxiety and Other Health Issues Caused By Your Net Obsession
Internet addiction (pixabay images)

You may joke about getting a digital detox or feel restless when you do not have your smartphone with you can you be an addict to the web? Internet addiction is a real thing ad it is a legit medical condition. Experts say you can develop an unhealthy dependency on the web. Most of us overuse digital technology, but about 4 to 6 percent of people meet the criteria for true addiction. Wondering how internet addiction can affect your health? Let us break it down for you.

What Internet Addiction Does To Your Body?

The instant feedback and constant notifications when we are online triggers the release of the brain chemical dopamine, which makes us feel good and we immediately crave another dopamine high and stay hooked on to the net. It could result in a lot of health conditions ranging from carpal tunnel syndrome to conditions such as diabetes and obesity that are the result of inactivity. Another thing that web addiction sets you up is serious anxiety. When you are hooked to the internet, your body produces an excess amount of cortisol which leads to the stress-related disease. Internet Addiction Among Teenagers Is Serious, Says Research.

How to Know If You Are Addicted To the Web?

Digital dependency can be hard to define, but there are some red flags which can be hard to miss. One of the first signs is compulsively browsing the net without being conscious of it. Also, if you experience withdrawal symptoms like irritability and depression when you are forced to turn off your devices, you could be addicted to the internet. If your constant browsing has put a dent in your relationship and job performance, you have an unhealthy relationship with the web. Social Media Addiction: A Psychiatrist Explains the Dark and Dangerous Side of Our Instagram and Facebook Obsession.

What to do About Your Addiction?

If you think that your internet usage is setting its foot in the addiction territory, reach out to a mental health counsellor who has experience with addictive diseases. He or she can help diagnose whether you have an addiction and then help you dial it back. While you may always not need treatment, it is more about being aware of your usage attempting to cut it down so you are in control and it does not negatively affect the rest of your life.

However, make conscious efforts to cut done on your web usage if not necessary. Like they say ‘it is better to cut it down first before it is too late’.