Who doesn't love to have a pastry or ice-cream? Of course, everyone loves to eat the sweet dish and a majority of the population cannot live without eating a sweet dish even a single day. The reason why sweet dish should be ditched is due to the presence of refined sugar. Refined sugar can hamper your weight loss goal, instead, leading to gain in total body fat percentage. Let's take a look at why sweet dishes have to be ditched for weight loss and also at the benefits of avoiding refined sugar. Jaggery or Gur For Winter Season: How Gur Can Boost Your Immunity in Cold Weather.

Why Ditch Sweet Dishes For Weight Loss? 

We often hear people saying that there is no harm in having just a small cup of any sweet dish or just a small candy. However, that's not the case, as the presence of refined sugar in the sweet item slows down fat-burning process. Also, refined sugars do not allow the body to absorb vital nutrients from the food. Sweet dishes might satisfy your taste bud for a short interval of time, but it would for sure resist the body from fat loss process. Sweet dishes are also high in glycemic index value, therefore, they will not at all curb your hunger. Weight Loss Tip: How to Use Jaggery (Gur or Gud) to Lose Weight.

Benefits of Avoiding Refined Sugar

One teaspoon of sugar contains only 16 calories, however, the intake increases if the person is not aware of what they are eating. Now when we speak of sugar, it doesn't only mean a chocolate bar, cake or a cup of tea. Sugar is available in most food items like sodas, cold drinks, processed food and junk foods. Therefore, always read the food ingredient label carefully before eating any food. The best trick is to eat whole food to be on the safer side and avoid all artificial and processed food. Also watch out for your ketchup, salad dressing and even biscuits which claims to be healthy. The benefit of avoiding refined sugar is that you can cut down on calories drastically. By refraining from processed foods, cold drinks and sweet dishes, you can avoid eating around 10 teaspoons of sugar every day, which means you will end up eating 160 calories less each day. Also, eating excessive refined sugar is linked with obesity, heart disease and high blood sugar level.

It is not at all easy to avoid sweet dish craving overnight. If you can't resist sugar after the meal, you can eat a pinch of jaggery after you have your lunch or dinner. This will satisfy your taste bud and will also enrich the body with vital nutrients. Also, note, one must not go completely sugar-free, and you must derive sugar from natural sources like fruits.

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