Skin is the largest, visible organ in our body. So it's only natural that were are one part concerned and three parts obsessed about taking good care of it. Taking excellent care of your skin is not a seasonal endeavour. It is a pertinent aspect of our daily routine. But the changing seasons do have their own adverse effects that mar various skin types. Summer especially plays cruel tricks on your skincare game. You might have finally gotten down your skincare regime during winter, but what worked then will not necessarily work during the hotter months. During winter, skin is prone to getting drier. However, during summer, the humidity and warm weather intensifies the sebum (natural oil) production that leads to stickiness, acne and enlarged pores. The UV rays also damage your skin cells leading to hyperpigmentation and damaged skin. While your skin cries out for protection from the scorching heat, In this article we will provide you with few ways to inculcate a healthy skin regimen for summer.

  • Use a Good Gentle Face Wash and Double Cleanse In The Night

The first step in any skincare regimen should be to wash your face using a good gentle cleanser that will only strip away the dirt as opposed to all the necessary oils from your skin. Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type.  Skincare doesn't adhere to the size fits all policy. Every skin is different and every skin cleanser in the market caters to various types of skin types. So choose the one that suits you best, However, ensure irrespective of your skin type, the cleanse doesn't strip away the moisture from your face. During the night ensure that you use a good oil or balm cleanse before using the regular cleanser to strip away the make-up, sunscreen and dirt and grime from your face.

  • Use a Hydrating Toner

Washing your face strips away the moisture and leaves it quite dry. remember folks, dry skin is a skin issues playground. So hydrate your face with a hydrating toner. This doesn't just balance out the PH level of your skin but also helps to remove excess dirt that might have escaped the cleansers notice. Rosewater is a perfectly respectable toner that balances your PH levels and adds extra moisture to yours.

There are also exfoliating toners that you can use that will strip away the dead cells from your skin. However, be a bit wary about overindulging in exfoliating toners since they can strip excess moisture from your face. Try using it two-three times a day. The rest of the time spritz the rose water to your face. Keeping that face hydrated is a crucial step in your summer skincare routine.

  • Use a Hydrating Serum

It's all about keeping your skin hydrated during the hot weather to attain a healthy glow. Hydrating serum with a good Hyrolic acid content will ensure your skins moisture barrier is intact and healthy. A healthy moisture barrier avoids deviant skin issues like acne, enlarged pores dry waxy skin etc. There is a common misconception that since summer leads to excess sebum production, one should stay away from moisture contents. This is a misleading and extremely harmful hypothesis. Lack of moisture leads to debilitating effects on your skin. A good serum applied over a hydrating toner will ensure a healthy moisture barrier.

  • Moisturize 

This is the holy grail in any skincare regimen. You have to keep your skin moisturised peeps. A good moisturiser seals all your previous steps in place and keeps the moisture in your skin locked in. Seeking Summer Breeze and Natural Getaway, Saudis Flock to Ukraine

  • Sunscreen

Come rain or shine, get your SPF on. This is the last and most crucial step in your skin-care routine. If you skip this step the previous steps will have been all for nought. Sunscreen protects your skin from UV damage and stops rapid ageing. Without sunscreen, you might just negate all the minutes you spent cleansing, toning and moisturising. So invest in a good sunscreen and take excellent care of your skin folks.

While these steps will serve you well, also remember to continuously hydrate yourself by drinking copious amounts of water. Whether the heat by following these simple skincare regimes. Have good a glowing summer folks.

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