UK Woman’s Lips Balloon Up After Filler Procedure Goes Wrong at ‘Botox Party’
(Photo Credit: Youtube/ Redirecting)

In a recent tragic incident, a woman almost lost her top lip due to her botched up lip filler procedure at a 'botox party.' She has recently put forth a warning telling other people about the dangers of unprofessional filler jobs. Rachael Knappier attended the 'botox party' wherein she got fillers on her upper lip done, however, it is allegedly said that the filler was injected into her arteries because of which she suffered swelling on her upper lip. Her lip was swole upto three times than her normal size.

The 29-year-old was rushed to hospital after she suffered from intense pain when the treatment was carried out. Rachael told The Sun she didn't have any intention of getting lip fillers done, in the first place. However, after intaking alcohol, she decided to get the procedure done. Rachael from Leicestershire said to the Sun, "My friend had raved about this beautician and how great she was so I decided to go ahead." She further said to the esteemed portal, "The beautician – who I assumed at the time was a nurse – didn’t ask me to sign any consent forms so alarm bells should have rung. But being at a party with friends who she described as a “took away all the seriousness of having filler injected into my face.' The UK woman remembered that the whole thing felt very painful. "Within a few hours I began to feel unwell,” she said. Adding, “My lips swelled like nothing I'd ever seen before and the pressure was unbearable."Racheal confessed that it took about three months for her lips to go back to the average size.

Take a look at how she looked after the botched up procedure.

There are reports from The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) that says that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of unregulated procedures. Botox parties are becoming a widespread trend in the UK. In the Botox parties, people freely carry out processes in the comfort of someone's home.