V1 Church Founder Mike Signorelli Explains How Spirituality Improves EQ And Mental Health
Mike Signorelli (Photo Credits: File Image)

Mental health and emotional quotient (EQ), more commonly referred to as emotional intelligence, go hand in hand. The quality of our lives can be directly affected by the level of our emotional intelligence and mental health. Maintaining both should continuously be considered a priority. When both are at their peak levels, so is a person's day to day life and the quality of their relationships. Spirituality is a big part of this, and Pastor Mike Signorelli, the founder of the V1 Church, makes this a significant part of his organization's message.

Located on Long Island, NY, V1 Church is a unique sort of church, one that caters to people who are seeking the truth. V1 opens its doors to agnostics, atheists, millennials, and entrepreneurs. Simply put, it caters to any individual seeking a better life or wanting to realize their true potential. "Mental health and EQ are a big focus in our church," explains Mike. "Finding spiritual significance can help us take care of our minds and bodies. It feeds our souls. True spiritual identity is the guiding light to real success. There is a big difference between religion and spiritual identity," states Mike.

As a pastor, Mike understands that people aren't looking for another set of rules under the guise of religion. Our modern lifestyles are taxing on our minds. Stress affects our health and decreases what we have available to give to our jobs, families, and friends, as our emotional intelligence suffers. Mike believes that when we feed our mental health through the encouragement that faith in God offers, we are in a better position to realize our true and full potential.

"We are not necessarily looking for organized religion or another set of rules, but we are longing for the metaphysical and supernatural amid personal difficulties," explains Mike. "Life is hard, but if we allow truth to guide us, we find ourselves at the right destination, exactly where we belong." It is the meta-physical that helps keep our minds right, our bodies healthy, and our relationships strong, no matter what life throws our way. Mike believes that our mental health and emotional intelligence are our first line of defense in a confusing world.

Mike Signorelli delivers a strong message, one which has helped V1 Church grow and succeed. Parishioners from all walks of life are embracing this new way of thinking and seeing outstanding results. This is a phenomenal accomplishment for a church in a region where less than 5% of people attend church regularly. "Our church will always be a safe-haven for people to feed their minds and ultimately their souls," stated Mike. With an uplifting message and two welcoming campuses, it's no wonder that V1 Church has become influential and has been able to spread its message of faith.