Winter Decor Tips: From Colours to Lighting, Here’s How You Can Give Your Home a Complete Winter Revamp
Winter Decor Tips (Photo Credits: IANS)

New Delhi, January 2 (IANSlife): Winter is the season when one loves staying indoors, so why not give your home a complete winter revamp? Let's look at winter colours, rugs, lighting, accessories and artefacts and hanging decorative piece that would not only make your abode look cosy but also like a million buck. How to Make Your House a Home; Tips to Develop Your Personal Space.

Winter Colours

Make a style statement this year and create a different look altogether. Pastels and intense dark colours are also current favourites. Play around with the textures and create a truly memorable interior that will stay on in people's minds long after the festivities. Basshobe Majumdar, HomeLane suggests using either the enchanted palette -- burgundy, dark green, dark mustard, deep rust is proportionately used more and the magic blues are used only in accents -- or the rustic palette -- earthy, muted hues. Make Your Small Room Look Bigger With These Simple Interior Decor Tips.


Handmade rugs and throw blankets are very popular winter decor and add colour and elegance to the interior. Not only do they keep the room cosy but also add a pop of colour to the background. Colourful handwoven woollen blankets and rugs are the current favourites. Interior Decoration Tips: How to Use Rugs to Revamp The Look of Your House.

Accessories and Artefacts

With people going green and inclined more towards sustainable home decor, icons related to the festival are getting more implicated through art d�cor which is making a comeback. Eco-friendly craft-based decor like pinecones, �shola' flowers, stuffed danglers, papier-mache danglers, wooden toys, paper fairies, can be used, HomeLane adds.

Accentuate With a Hanging Decorative

Suspending a plant, lantern or any decorative piece from the ceiling not only makes the room eye-catching, but also makes the ceiling look higher. If you love hanging wall paintings, do not shower your money on multiple small paintings. Invest in one large wall painting that would accentuate the wall paint, suggests Ameesha Puri, Avian Luxury Furniture.


White light is better for high concentration tasks like reading and cooking. It is also linked to our body's natural circadian rhythm that is influenced by sunlight. The sun at noon emits white light and in the evening warm light, this regulates our body's natural circadian rhythm also called "sleep-wake cycle" in humans, says Sumit Padmakar Joshi, Signify Innovations India.

Candlelight is also a favourite element, and candles of all shapes and sizes add warmth and whimsy to any space.