The year has almost come to an end. We are in the last month of the year, figuring out how the holiday decorations should and celebrate the same without risking anyone’s life. It is challenging! But that is what the year 2020 was all about. Almost everything is redefined. In 2020, an exception is understandable. Nothing about this year has been normal. We had, '2020 worst year,' memes that netizens used to express what they feel about the year. So, when Twitter asked its followers to describe, “2020 in one word,” it was obvious to garner thousands of reactions. Netizens are confused as to which word would rightly explain the craziness of this year. Netflix, Zoom, YouTube and other official handles as well came forward to describe how the year has been, umm… in one single word.

This year was extremely unpredictable. Anything could happen, and by the end of it, we were not really surprised as to how things turned up. The COVID-19 pandemic did change our lifestyle and putting a halt to many things that we once loved, like going out, fearlessly. The world we live in has changed, and the language we speak has, too. No amount of words can adequately encapsulate those changes. New words, new phrases, new ‘normal,’—2020 had it all. Even the Oxford dictionary could not pick singe word for the year.

Here's the Tweet:

How do we define 2020, in a word? It is a difficult thing to do, but when Twitter asked its followers, everyone tried and it pretty much summed up how the year has been. Let us check out the hilarious reactions and the words that netizens used to explain what 2020 was all about.

Netflix Has Something!

YouTube Got it Right!


Nice One



Yess...! We All Were

Lego Said it All

Target Gets It

We Wish We Could!


It Was

Some People Just Cannot Describe 2020 in One Word!

Each of the words, on its own, somehow fails to encapsulate the year in it’s entirety. It was not only about the pandemic, but 2020 had too many things happening at a time. Medical lingo, in a way, overlooks the social unrest and political terms forget the pandemic. Only ambiguous adjectives such as ‘unprecedented,’ cover the bases—and still seem to fall short. Perhaps 2020 is truly undefinable, at least, in a word.

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