Although April 20 is sometimes jokingly referred to as the "weed holiday", "420 Day", 4/20 Day" or "Cannabis Day", it is important to keep in mind that weed is illegal in India and therefore, one must be wary of the consequences, possessing or consuming marijuana may have. Many people and societal communities have seen the advantages of legalising marijuana. However, one of the best parts of 4/20 Day is the hilarious memes and jokes created online. But what is a good 4/20 funny meme? A good marijuana meme is super funny and easy to share—the one you send to your smoking friends before you've even stopped laughing.

Since several states in the US have legalised marijuana or at least decriminalised it, many individuals feel more liberated than ever to celebrate 4/20 in the US. We have the happiest 4/20 memes for you to get in the mood for cannabis' special day. One must always keep in mind to always be safe and responsible whether one chooses to use blunts, brownies, or bongs.

Some 420 funny memes and jokes are just perfection that doesn't require any background information or captions. Others have illustrated the numerous related situations that develop when we light up. Here are some funny cannabis memes to enjoy and spread on April 20. You can enjoy this collection of 420 memes while you laugh out loud:






The tradition of 4/20 began in 1971 when five San Rafael High School students known as "The Waldos" would gather to smoke marijuana at 4:20 p.m. They picked that hour since fewer people could catch them because extracurricular activities had already stopped. Now we get to watch others post humorous weed-related memes, all thanks to those five students and the Grateful Dead.

(Note: Latestly in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to stress on the fact that marijuana usage continues to be an offence in India, regardless of marijuana laws in other countries.)

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