Alien Spying and Sending Out Information Claims Pune Man in Email to PMO
Alien life (Photo credits: File Image)

There is enough curiosity surrounding the existence of aliens. And what if they actually just crop up beside us one day? What would you do if you spot an alien? Be shocked, scared, surprised or write an email to the Prime Minister's Office? Well, that's what a man from Pune did. Apparently, he believed that he spotted an alien creature outside his window and he was sending some critical information outside the planet. He wrote an email to the PMO to inform about it. The Pune police were thus sent on a wild goose chase to find out about this man's claims. Russian Time-Traveller Claims He Met Aliens and Spoke to Them About the Earth, See Video to Know What Extraterrestrials Think of Us!

In the email, it was written that he felt certain that this “alien object” was sending critical information about Earth to its home planet. The PMO forwarded this letter to the Maharashtra government and were instructed to look into the matter. The police tried to find the sender of the email as informed by Sinhgad Road police station. The police were able to find the man a few days ago. Did Aliens Really Visit The Earth As Said by NASA Scientist? Know More About This Theory on Extra-Terrestrials.

It was revealed that a 47-year-old man had sent the email. He was suffering from a mental ailment. "The man had had brain haemorrhage some years ago and since then he has lost his mental balance. A couple of months ago he saw light in the trees outside his bungalow and thought it was coming from some alien object," said the officer. His family members were unaware that he had sent such an email out.