Beware! Instagram Name Change Prank Will Make You Look Stupid For 14 Days; How Can You Change The Profile Name Back?
Instagram prank (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

In recent times, we have seen a lot of funny trends coming up on social media. As people everywhere are social distancing, social media has become a place of great activity. Be it sharing or making funny memes or viral videos. Among the fun trends, is an Instagram name change prank on the photo-sharing app. And the catch is once you have changed your name to something funny, you cannot undo it at least for two weeks ie 14 days. So, beware, if you do not want to fall prey to it, do not entertain the messages that ask you to change your name for fun. Let us know more on what exactly is this prank? Fact Check: Instagram Update Notifies You of Who’s Taken a Screenshot of Your Story, Post and Shared Through DM? Know Truth About This Claim.

You will get a message from one of your friends asking you to change your name. Now by name we mean the name that appears after the sign @. This prank changes your profile name that appears to others. For example: If your name is Sania Saini and the name that appears to others is @sania, the message will ask you to change your name something like 'Stupid Sania' or 'I am Stupid.' The message makes you change your name twice. And once you do it, your name gets changed for 14 days! So now you will have to be "Stupid Sania" for your users.

The messages are crafted differently, some may say it is a link they want to share, some call it a meme that they want to show and you will have to share the screenshot of your name change. Some others trick, that if a user changes his name and puts another suggested name the accounts will be linked. But all of these are just lies meant to make you change the name twice. Now, if you have changed the names twice, you will have to wait for another 14 days.

Watch Video of The Latest Instagram Name Change Prank:

Can You Change Your Username Back Before 14 Days?

Instagram got in the change last year, when if a user changed the name twice, they would not be able to change it for 14 days. Earlier, a lot of people misused the feature of name changing. So Instagram made a policy to restrict people from changing their profile names more than twice within two weeks. There may be some suggestions online which suggest you deactivate your account to get the username back, but that's not the case. It is in the app's security measure and playing by the rules, you will have to be with that name.

So if you have fallen for the prank, soak in some embarrassment. If you have not yet, then hope we have warned you. In this quarantine, there are a lot of funny trends coming in, but if you have a public profile with lots of followers, it can get embarrassing to have a funny username right? So stay aware of such jokes.