Blood Moon 2018 Will Begin End of World? Largest Lunar Eclipse Could Trigger Apocalypse on 27th July Says Doomsday Preacher
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Ian Miles Cheong/Twitter)

Astronomy enthusiasts and stargazers are probably all excited about the largest lunar eclipse of the 21st century that will occur on July 27. But conspiracy theorists have their contradictions in place. Popular Christian pastor Paul Begley has made a doomsday prophecy for this day. The Blood Moon on the night of July 27, will illuminate the skies to a tinge of red but he fears it will be a sign of the end of the world. Blood Moon in July 2018 Will be The Longest Lunar Eclipse in This Century, Know Date and Time and Where to Watch.

Pastor Begley has his YouTube channel where he preaches about the doomsday predictions and in the latest video he talks about the Blood Moon. According to him, "July 27 is such a prophetic day because even Mars will be at its closest proximity to the Earth than it’s been in 15 years and all the planets are aligned on one side. The gravitational pull from Planet X or Nibiru – if there is such a thing as Planet X or Nibiru – the entire gravitational pull on Earth could be catastrophic." There is Another Doomsday Prophecy for Blood Moon 2018.

He mentions that Hawaii is the epicentre of an apocalypse right now, due the volcanoes in the area. To support his prophecy the pastor mentions verses from the Bible which refer to the moon turning red as a sign of the world ending. He mentions chapter six, verse 12, of the Book or Revelations which talk about the moon turning “blood red”, a “great earthquake” and the sun turning black. But the pastor also mentions that the day will mark the beginning of the apocalypse. Meanwhile, the preacher had also said the same thing during the last Blood Moon occurrence in January 2018.

Scientists have provided strong reasons about the occurrence of the lunar eclipse and also this being the largest one of the century. The celestial phenomenon is a common thing every year, so no need to actually fear the end of the world. What do you think about this doomsday prophecy?