From Monkey Closing Tap After Drinking Water to Washing Clothes in 'Desi' Style, Seven Viral Videos That Went Crazy Viral This Week
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Another week has gone by, and without any doubt, the content shared on social media sites this time was the best. In India, the citizens are going through a lot. From Article 370 getting revoked to the viral videos showing horrific flood situation in the country, netizens were mostly tensed throughout. And then comes some more viral moments. This week, we must tell you that monkeys have taught serious lessons to humans in crises. Be it closing the tap after drinking water to studying with students in the classroom to even washing the clothes in funny desi style; they have ruled the trending chart for all right reasons. So, without any further delay, let us check the top seven viral videos that went crazy viral this week.

1. Monkey Closing Tap After Drinking Water

At the time of severe water crisis, this monkey has given an essential lesson that humans must learn. After drinking water, the cute primate was responsible enough to close the tap tightly. The video has gone viral, ever since uploaded online and it continues to appear on Twitter.

2. Tata Nano Turned Into Helicopter


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If you don't know how to fly a helicopter, just make your car look like one! 🚁👏 (@ruptly)

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Achieving your dream is never impossible if you have the right passion, skill and dedication. And this man, Mithilesh Prasad from Bihar, amazingly explained that. Since, he could not study to fly aeroplane due to many reasons; the engineer used his skill to give his Tata Nano a makeover. Prasad’s dream has got a new shape, although it cannot fly, he gets all the feels.

3. Monkey Washing Clothes in Desi Style

Monkeys and humans share many behavioural traits and washing clothes is just another one. This video of a monkey cleaning a piece of cloth in total Indian style has impressed the netizens wonderfully. Dipping into the water and then keeping in a vessel nearby, the primate wash it so thoroughly that you cannot stop praising it.

4. Woman Singing Lata Mangeshkar’s Song Gets a Makeover

When a lady in Ranaghat station, West Bengal was captured singing soulfully Lata Mangeshkar’s hit “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai,” netizens could not stop sharing it widely. As the woman, identified as Ranu Mondal became instant social media hit, she soon started getting requests to perform at various parts in India and even in Bangladesh. Ranu also got a makeover, and she is excelling amazingly.

5. Female Langur Studying With Kids in School

A female langur studying with the kids of a school in Andhra Pradesh is giving netizens some serious goals. The female grey langur, named Laxmi is a sincere member of a government primary school at Vengalampalli, in Peapully Mandal of Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh. Every day, the good girl, attends classes with other students and even appears during morning prayers.

6. Valentina Elangbam is Appointed as ‘Green Ambassador’ of Manipur

A young girl, Valentina Elangbam, who was extremely upset and sobbed over cutting of trees she planted, has touched the people online along with Manipur’s Chief Minister N. Biren Singh. As her video went viral, Valentina is appointed as the new Ambassador for Chief Minister N. Biren Singh’s Green Manipur Mission and internet lauds the move.

7. Baby Monkey Rescued From Badlapur Flood

This video has caused a lot of controversies. For a longer time, the video was going viral in the name of appearing it from Kolhapur flood. Yes, the districts of Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara in Maharashtra are reeling under severe floodwater, but this was not from any of the places. But the baby monkey is rescued from July 27 floods in Badlapur. The rescuer which earlier stated is NDRF member, is Ganraj Jain, from the Panavtha Foundation. Amid all the confusion, the baby monkey is now safe.

These were the top seven videos that went viral this week, with monkeys giving some significant lessons to learn. We cannot wait to see what the upcoming week has to offer.