‘Gorilla Crow’ Video From Japan Is Going Viral, but Here Is Something You Should Know
'Gorilla Crow' (Photo Credits: @corvidresearch/ Twitter)

A video of a crow, posing like a gorilla has been going viral on the internet and people online are baffled. The moment the video first appeared on Reddit and Twitter, netizens began speculating whether it is an unusual crow. Some event doubted the authenticity of the clip. The video shows the crow, dubbed as "gorilla crow", perched on its big wings, giving it an ape-like posture of standing on its forearms. The crow soon started to appear on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, terrifying internet users. But before you jump to any conclusions, here is something you should know about the mighty gorilla crow. Cat or Crow? Yet Another Photo Illusion Goes Viral on The Internet. 

According to people and various reports, the clip was shot at Parco shopping centre in Nagoya, Japan. The viral video garnered a lot of comments, with speculations behind the crow’s unusual pose. Crow Asks Woman in Yorkshire, 'You Alright Love?'

Watch Viral Video of ‘Gorilla Crow’

Netizens attempted to figure out the process of how such a creature might be created.


Here’s What the Crow Might Actually be Doing

To calm baffled commentators, Kaeli Swift, who has a PhD in crow death behaviours, stepped in with her explanation. In her Twitter, she wrote that it is a large-billed crow, explaining the out-of-proportion face of the bird. Crows Have Sex With Their Dead? New Study Points Funeral Conducting Birds Have Some Weird Behaviour!

Large-Billed Crow:

In a second tweet, Swift explained the crow definitely has legs and in this case, the bird might be sunning, which is a common behaviour among them.

It Might Actually Be Warming Itself Up:

She Even Drew A Sketch:

However, there appeared another sad reason, behind such postures, like Scientist Dave Slager from the University of Washington explained.

If at all the video is real, we really hope that Swift's explanation is the real reason behind the crow’s weird pose. As it turns out, it is just another large-billed crow.