Grave of Child ‘Vampire’ Who Died of Malaria Discovered By US Scientists in Umbria, Italy
10-year-old's skeletal remains confirm 'vampire burial'. YouTube screengrab, GeoBeats News

Archaeologists have discovered the skeletal remains of a 10-year-old that affirms the use of 'vampire burial' technique. News reports state that the grave of a 10-year-old, possibly afflicted with malaria, has been uncovered by scientists from the University of Arizona and Stanford University. What confirms the possibility of the child being buried by the 'vampire burial' ritual is the presence of a rock intentionally inserted into the mouth of the child. This unusual method of burial was carried out by the natives of the Italian region, Umbria. Vampire Facial Suspected of Carrying HIV Risk! Here’s What You Need To Know About This Controversial Beauty Treatment

The use of vampire burial became a wide-spread phenomenon when a deadly malaria breakout occurred back in the mid-fifth century and wiped out a big chunk of the population. The inhabitants of the area believed that the diseased can from the dead and spread the disease. The stone placed in the mouth was part of a ritual to contain the disease and the body itself, as believed by researchers.

On the same, archaeologist David Soren, who has overseen the excavation on the site since 1987, stated, "I've never seen anything like it. It's extremely eerie and weird." The discovery was first procured from the La Necropoli dei Bambini (which translates to Cemetary of the Babies) and dates back to the mid-fifth century when the malaria outbreak killed vulnerable babies and young children. The bodies of the young victims were buried at an abandoned Roman villa that was initially constructed at the end of 1 BC‘Vampire’ Killer Slits Throat of Woman; Drinks Blood, Gets Caught in Zimbabwe

Initially, the oldest skeletal remains extracted from the site were that of a three-year-old girl, which led the scientists to believe that the site was designed for infants and babies only. However, by uncovering the 10-year-old's skull (sex of which is yet to be deciphered), archaeologists believe that the site was further used for older children as well. "There are still sections of the cemetery that we haven't excavated yet, so we don't know if we'll find other older kids," stated Jordan Wilson, a doctoral student at the University of Arizona. Polyamorous Vampire Couple Reveal How They Use Sexual Energy and Blood to Feed Themselves

Another doctoral student at Stanford, David Pickel explained the uniqueness of the 10-year-old's skull adding, "Given the age of this child and its unique deposition, with the stone placed within his or her mouth, it represents, at the moment, an anomaly within an already abnormal cemetery." On the same, Soren stated how the Romans went to the extent of witchcraft to evade the disease that has taken the lives of the innocent children. He added, "We know that the Romans were very much concerned with this and would even go to the extent of employing witchcraft to keep the evil -- whatever is contaminating the body -- from coming out."