IndiGo Takes A Dig At Passengers Using Really Meme on Twitter, Gets Terribly Trolled
IndiGo tweet (Photo Credits: Pixabay, @IndiGo6E Twitter)

'We really really really' meme have almost become the thing that brands are using to take sly digs at their customers. After Google India tweeted inquiring why their users are asking Google Assistant to marry them, more brands are using the same tactic to pose questions at their social media followers. IndiGo which is the latest to the join the bandwagon tweeted asking that they wanted to know 'why people stand up even when the seatbelt sign is on!'

Even though passengers onboard are infamous for standing up even when the seatbelt sign is on, IndiGo's tweet backfired terribly. Social media users trolled the airlines with several grilling questions at the airlines regarding their services. Questions on everything from poor basic amenities provided by the airlines onboard to flight cancellations and 'rude' customer service filled the comments sections. Asking Google Assistant to Marry You? Google India 'Really' Wants to Know Why.

Here is IndiGo's tweet:

One of the user comments read, "We really want to know why u charge for meals on international flights in international currency & don't return change."

Referring to a 2017 incident wherein a passenger was manhandled at Delhi Airport by IndiGo staff, a comment read, "We really want to know why you beat up your passengers when they are boarding the plane." Is the Really Really Really Meme Inspired by This Song With a Gazillion ’Really’s? (Watch Video)

Here is another tweet:

IndiGo has not yet replied to any of the questions (quite obviously). We wonder what their thoughts are on the reactions they received from social media. The Really meme became popular in 2018  and several brands including Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Linkedin and One Plus have used it in their tweets.