Instagram, YouTube, Twitter's Dark Mode Feature Funny Memes and Jokes Are Here to Brighten up Your Weekend!
Instagram, YouTube Twitter's Dark Mode Feature memes and jokes (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Some love dark humour, some of us have dark futures, but the internet is currently tripping on social media apps' dark mode memes. Ironically, these dark mode memes are LIT as fire. In just a small timespan, most of our favourite social media apps like Instagram, Facebook Messenger Twitter and YouTube rolled out their dark mode feature and people are totally loving it. But since you know, it is 2019, and the most random of things go viral to become fodder for funniest meme and jokes. So here we are, with super hilarious dark mode memes that will bring the brightest smile on your face.

But before that, a little bit about the benefits of the new feature that has completely changed out screen consumption. The dark mode is said to reduce the mobile phone's battery consumption while improving visual ergonomics. The strain on your eyes is reduced because of the dark mode that causes screens to adjust according to current light conditions.

Well, dark mode seems extremely beneficial, given the amount of time we spend on social media. But while we are at it, let's check out the funniest memes and jokes about the dark mode feature:

The App Needs To catch Up

But You Don't





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Can't Stop Laughing


You Listening, Snapchat?


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For those who don't know, search engine giant Google has started rolling out the dark mode update for its Play Store, after the release of Android 10. With the new update, all apps on the Play Store are set to gradually get a dark mode of their own. A black-themed Play Store is being rolled out on Pixel handsets at present.