Latest Beauty Trend: DIY Wax Nose Jobs Are Going Viral on Instagram, Here’s How You Can Easily Re-Shape Your Nose at Home (Watch Videos)
DIY wax nose job. (Photo Credit: Instagram/ esti_beauty_journal/ makeupnen)

The makeup world is ever-changing and is growing in leaps and bounds. Every day we see a new trend emerging and redefining makeup. Right from different styles of eyeliners and lipsticks to optical illusion makeup. We have seen a lot. While we can say that some of the new makeup trends are really awesome and are making the whole art easier, we cannot deny that some are simply trash and impractical. The very recent makeup trend that is doing the rounds on the internet is the DIY wax nose job! We aren't even kidding, this new DIY trend has taken over the social media, especially Instagram and we can't decide what to say about it! Another variant of this new trend is also done with clay, Clay Prosthetic Makeup! This Unique Makeup Technique Redefines Beauty at Its Scariest Best: Watch Video

Yes! It is a nose job you can give yourself comfortably at home with very simple products. Moreover, it isn't even invasive, and you don't need to get under the knife anymore to have a perfect nose! You can actually shape your nose. However, there is a mixed reaction about it. Some find it helpful while some find it genuinely obnoxious. The process of DIY-ing the wax nose job is really simple. All you have to do is take the wax product and apply it on your nose to shape it the way you want. For example, if you have a flat nose, you can add some wax to kind of sculpt your nose to be appearing thinner and taller. Take a look at this video to understand.


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The removal process of these fake noses may cringe people. Take a look at how it looks!


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It may be weird but the process is really fun. However, we can't deny that a simple mishap could also put you and your fake nose into an embarrassing situation.