Penguins Stuck in a Ravine Rescued by BBC TV Show Dynasties Crew, Wins Social Media Appreciation
Penguins rescued from ravine by BBC show crew (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Filming of nature documentaries is one of the most challenging jobs. The crew has to face adverse natural conditions along with capturing the natural behaviour of the subjects they are shooting. There is one rule among the crew members though, not to interfere with the animals. But David Attenborough's team of TV show Dynasties for BBC Earth is winning all the praises on the internet since they chose to intervene and rescue a group of penguins falling in a ravine. Here's How Penguins Give Humans Ultimate Relationship Goals! Watch This Romantic Video. 

Behind the scenes, footage was broadcast after an emotional second episode featuring the penguins in Antarctica. It depicted the difficulties the crew members had to face when while they were shooting in the extremely low temperatures. In the episode they showed a struggle of a group of penguins in the Atka Bay, surviving or rather their struggle to survive in the extreme weathers. While shooting for over a year in -60 C temperatures, the crew spotted a group of mother penguins and their chicks separated from the colony as they fell in a ravine. Move Over 'Employee of The Month,' This Aquarium Has 'Naughty Penguin' of The Month to Attract Visitors.

Check the Video Showing the Penguins Struggling in the Extreme Temperatures

The cameraman shot the gruelling footage which showed the mother penguins struggling to pick up their chicks from a slope. The helpless mothers even made a tough choice of leaving their babies and going away. The crew decided to step in to help. They made a ramp structure to help the remaining babies make it up to the top. Their actions have garnered al the love and praise on social media.

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Talking about the crew's decision to help the penguins Director Will Lawson told the Times, "You can only react to the facts in front of you. We knew we were the only other animal there. There was no animal benefiting from the demise of these penguins. It was only going to end one way." It is indeed heartwarming to see the crew braving the tough weathers and also helping in whatever way they could to rescue all the penguins to safety.