Quack, Quack! Ducks Win Right to Loud Quacking in French Countryside After Case Filed Against Them
Ducks (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Ducks in a French town have won their right to quacking after winning a case filed against them. The waterbird living on a smallholding in French town was in trouble after a neighbour filed an official complaint about the 'noisy' creatures. Expressing happiness on winning the case, Dominique Douthe, the farmer who keeps the ducks in the Soustons district in southwest France said, "The ducks have won. I am very happy because I didn't want to slaughter my ducks." Monkey Census in Delhi For First Time To Gauge Trouble Created by The Animal.

While giving the judgement, Dax court said that the noise fro the flack of 60 ducks and geese by the farmer was within acceptable limits. Douthe's neighbour, who moved from the city a year ago into a property about 50 metres away from the enclosure filed the complaint. In the recent past, rural France has been seeing an increase in such cases, especially based on farmyard noises. Residents at multiple occasions have filed a complaint against animals for their noises.

Earlier, a retired couple had complained that a cockerel's early morning crowing was quite disruptive. They had bought their second home on Oleron, an island off the French Atlantic coast. In September, Maurice the four-year-old rooster won the right to continue crowing. After winning the case, Corinne Fesseau the owner of Maurice said, "Maurice has won a battle for the whole of France. Why shouldn’t we have a Maurice law to protect all rural sounds?" Traditional noises from cows to church bells have been a matter of concern to French towns.