The wait is over, especially for Indians who are enjoying the Super Pink Moon, gracing the sky. The latest pictures of the bright and biggest Supermoon of the year have taken over Twitter.View Pics:

The firefighters of Scottsdale are being praised online after a video of them rescuing a golden retriever that was trapped in a hole while playing fetch.Watch the Video Below:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many nations around the world have now imposed quarantine orders to put a stop on the spread. Hence, people are channeling their inner artists and share their artworks while quarantining.View Pics:

After being denied vehicle pass by the police, N Prakash, a native of Maradu in Ernakulam district, approached the Kerala High Court who gave him permission to buy food for his cats. Read the entire story here.Check Tweet:

Netizens are celebrating World Health Day wishing each other good health and praying for safety amid pandemic. Check Tweets:

Happy World Health Day!

It is yet another Tuesday morning today and while the world is dealing with crisis currently, netizens have taken it upon themselves to spread positivity! Check tweets under #TuesdayThoughts & #TuesdayMorning:We do!

It Takes Nothing To Be Kind

It is another Tuesday, but not the regular ones. We do not have to force ourselves to get up from the bed and run to work, because it is happening from home for quite some time now. Social media is helping all of us to remain calm and stay entertained during this tough time. Each day some new skills are being discovered, and people do not shy away to display their talents on social media platforms. We keep you updated with all the recent happenings that captivate the internet users. From trending topics to viral videos and funny memes, watch out what netizens are sharing today on April 7, 2020.

Social media is playing a significant role in the alarming situation of the pandemic. Each day, some new activities and hashtags fascinate internet users. Almost everyone is participating in various challenges and trends to stay up-to-date and motivated. Meanwhile, the kids, and pets are loving all the extra time they are getting with their parents, but the struggle to work from home is real. And those are also seen on the internet. When you find something as relatable as WFH struggles, you realise you are not alone. We all are in this together, in every sense. Besides, the festivals have also started—Holy Week for Christians and Passover for the Jews.

Like every day, we will keep you updated with everything happening across the world. Stay tuned with this blog and know all the latest buzz on the internet. Happy Tuesday!