03 Jul, 20:53 (IST)

Swiggy made a mistake of writing the Happy Anniversary message on the cake delivered to someone. The mistake is too funny.Check it here:

03 Jul, 20:20 (IST)

The JEE and NEET exams have been postponed till September and some students have expressed happiness with funny memes and jokes.Check tweets here:

03 Jul, 18:45 (IST)

YouTuber Bhuvan Bam released a new roast video on his channel and his fans are impressed. They have started giving their reactions with funny memes and jokes.Check some here:

03 Jul, 17:16 (IST)

A video of a construction site worker from Hubei is going viral. The man can perfectly match steps with dancing icon and singer Michael Jackson. Watch Video:

03 Jul, 15:30 (IST)

A video has been shared on Twitter which is going crazy viral that shows a bird of prey flying with a fish that appears like a shark.Watch the Viral Video Here:

03 Jul, 12:21 (IST)

'What kind of turtle this is?' Netizens cannot get enough of the cute video of a pup disguised as a turtle. Watch video:

03 Jul, 11:01 (IST)

A super cute video of a baby looks adorable with a wig on is going viral. Watch video:

03 Jul, 09:03 (IST)

Here's another Friday and #FridayFeelings & #FriYAY is Trending on Twitter with positive Good Morning quotes and messages. Check Tweets:

TrueGood Morning

Good Morning, people! It's the favourite day of the weekend, Friday! Even if you are working from home, but we all await the weekend. Although you may not have any plans or outdoor activities Friday does always feel like Friyay right? So on this day, let's begin with #FridayThoughts and #FridayVibes which are trending on social media. These are good morning messages, positive quotes and messages which are shared regularly. In this section, we will bring you the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day.

Each day is some sort of celebration in some part of the world. July 3 also has some celebrations and famous birthdays. It marks International Plastic Bag Free Day, a day that stresses on reducing plastic pollution. It is also National Chocolate Wafer Day and Stay Out of the Sun Day, the fun observances which pretty much describe themselves. Today happens to be Hollywood Hunk Tom Cruise's birthday. So fans can trend birthday wishes to him. We will keep you updated with related trends.

Social media is a buzzing place these days, more so with more people in lockdown, only looking up to these sites for some entertainment. So there are a lot of funny meme trends, cute baby and animal videos that go viral! We will cover all those fun trends here. Right from funny memes to viral videos we will bring them right at your fingertips. All you have to do is stay tuned! We hope you have a fun Friday!