This cute puppy desperately wants to play with her sheepdog buddy. She is captured getting jealous, as the elder one was trying to do his job.  In the viral footage, you can see the little one, holding the tail of its elder buddy, tightly in her tiny jaws. Read full report here.Watch the Viral Video

Kakapo, the world's fattest parrot, is in danger. According to the Auckland Zoo, seven of the chubby chicks, have died from Aspergillosis, a fungal infection, which threatens the respiratory system and spreads during the species breeding season. Read the full report here

In a cutest encounter, a train in UK got delayed, because swan family waddling at the railway track. The two adults and two cygnets forced the train to slow to a snail's pace as they continued to stroll. Read full report hereWatch the Viral Video Here

A viral Twitter thread has left people pondering after a man said how after having paid £20 (more than Rs. 1,700), for a boiled egg, tea and toast, he had zero regrets and, in fact, explained how it was absolutely amazing to pay the amount. The reason behind his happiness for paying  £20 for a simple breakfast will shock you. Read the complete Twitter explanation here. Read the Tweet:

The hype is real. The most-awaited India vs Pakistan ICC World Cup has begun and so is the Twitter battle. Fans cheering their team, have made their presence felt online. They just made it clear that the battle is not only on the field. Get India vs Pakistan Live Score Updates and Twitter Battle here

India vs Pakistan ICC CWC 2019 cricket match has begun and fans across the globe cannot keep their calm. As the nation's cricket fans are ready to cheer, India, India, Mumbai Police also joined the crowd and they have the most wittiest tweet. Read full report hereSee Mumbai Police's Tweet Cheering Team India

The post on Nipah virus, which is recently going viral on WhatsApp, is fake. The message says new cases of people getting infected with the virus have been reported in many cities and states after which high alert has been sounded. But note that, all such claims are fake and the scare of the second attack of Nipah in Kerala is over. Read full fact-check report here.

Cricket fans across the globe are in their high spirits for the most awaited match, India vs Pakistan ICC CWC 2019. Much like many other followers, sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik also joined in to cheer for the men in blue. With a superb sand art, Pattnaik, wished Team India, "Good Luck." Read full report here.Below is the pic of Pattnaik's sand art, cheering for Team India: 

It is finally the match of the tournament, India vs Pakistan ICC Cricket World Cup 2019! And our desi hearts cannot stop screaming, "Indiaaaa... India!" RN. Today's India vs Pakistan cricket match has flooded the internet with funny jokes and memes that will keep you entertained before the match starts. Read more about India vs Pakistan memes and jokes here.  
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Shah Rukh Khan seems to be in a complete Lion King mode while he clubs excitement for both Father's Day and India v/s Pakistan ICC World Cup match.  Witty SRK just tweeted a picture with an interesting caption where the actor and his son can be seen wearing the Indian cricket team's jersey The Lion King's characters names, Mufasa and Simba printed at the back of it. The iconic India v/s Pakistan match also coincides with Father's Day 2019 and this pic is probably the best way SRK could have celebrated the day. Check out SRK's tweet:

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It is Father's Day today. With the end of International Men's Health Week, the world celebrates Father's Day with great fervour and enthusiasm. The day dedicated to all the dads in the world is a much-needed day of appreciation required for the un-ending efforts of a father. While there are different stories and histories related to how Father's day actually began, it is now celebrated in over 100 countries including India. Today, Twitter is flooded with #HappyFathersDay wishes messages. #HappyFathersDay is trending on social media with people expressing their love and gratitude towards their dads and the role of dads in the society in general. Happy Father’s Day 2019 wishes, messages, quotes, GIFs, SMS, WhatsApp stickers to wish dads a very Happy Father's Day has kept social media abuzz. Father’s Day 2019 Wishes and Messages: Send These WhatsApp Stickers, Facebook Greetings, Dad Quotes, SMS and Images to Your Father.

Take a look at some of the Happy Father's Day messages and wishes trending on Twitter:

Ranveer Singh wishes his dad a happy father's day in the most unique way!


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Varun Dhawan's Father's Day wish is absolutely hilarious!

Very True

Sonu Sood wishes his dad a happy father's day with a memorable pic!

This is hilarious!

Father's Day with doggos!

What have you planned for your dad? This Father's Day keep your phones aside and give some quality time to your father.  Listen to his golden words and make him feel special for all that he has done for you.