Throughout the day we have tried to keep you covered from trending news from around the world. Watch a video of the viral news of the day.

A trio of thieves made an idiotic display when they stole close to three dozen Apple watch display models from a store in New South Wales. In a series of the heist, the three teens stole 29 Apple watch models that are meant only for store display. All of these watches lack the functionality and the features too. A video of their steal attempt is going viral.Watch The Video Here:

A woman has shared a beautiful thread on Twitter in which she is talking about her meeting with a dog. But she was pleasantly surprised on realising it is the same dog which she had fostered as a puppy. In a series of tweets, she recalled the incidental meeting and netizens are also overwhelmed. The thread is now going viral.Check The Viral Thread Here:

Terrible traffic jams in Bangalore has resulted in a truckload of jokes on Twitter. With no way to tackle the issue, people of Bengaluru have resorted to Twitter talking about their condition using funny jokes.Check Out The Tweets Here:

Bengaluru People Currently

The birthday of former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam is marked as World Students Day. People on Twitter are sharing messages and quotes to send their greetings for this day.Check Some Tweets Here:

Remember the gold and white or blue and black dress? Then came the grey and teal/ pink and white sneakers. Queen Lizzo has enlightened her fans with an explanation to why we see it differently.Which Colour Do You See?
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Katy Perry is ready with her next single "Harleys in Hawaii" and fans are going CRAZY! Though the singer had a rough patch before this, she’s back with a bang and her fans can’t contain their excitement. There have been funny tweets while they wait and each one is hilarious!Memes on Katy Perry's Harleys in Hawaii

Another father and baby duo is going viral. This time, the two are celebrating the little kid going cancer-free for 11 months! The smiles and happiness in this video will make the coldest hearts melt. Another parent and kid dancing video goes viral and we love it!One of the Cutest Videos Ever
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San Francisco experienced a 4.5 magnitude earthquake and people barely noticed it. While earthquakes seem scary, people on Twitter took this as an opportunity to make more memes. Here are some of the best memes on twitter on the earthquake in San Francisco Bay Area.Funny Memes on the Earthquake

After the adorable father-daughter duo singing “Girls like you” won our hearts, it’s getting difficult to move away from little kids singing and dancing to songs. A video shared by @nyssalopez1 on Instagram was reposted by 9gag and people can’t stop watching it! Watch Video of Baby Dressed as Chicken and Dancing
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Tuesday and the hangover from the weekend is still here. We still dream of the fun time we had sleeping this weekend and getting out of bed is tough. While most seem to be praying for the weekend to come back soon, some optimists have started sharing how the week could be the start of something good. Twitterati is sharing their ideas with the hashtags #TuesdayThoughts and #TuesdayMotivations for us to push through this day. We have the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of October 15, to help us conquer another weekday.

October 15 is observed as Global Handwashing Day. A campaign to motivate people to improve their handwashing habits. Regular handwashing can reduce 20-25 percent of respiratory and intestinal diseases. October 15 also marks the White Cane Safety Day that celebrates the achievements of people who are blind or visually impaired and of course, the important symbol of blindness and tool of independence, the white cane.

On this day in 1993, African National Congress President Nelson Mandela and South Africa's President F.W. de Klerk were named winners of Nobel Peace Prize. the two were honoured for their efforts to end the apartheid system in South Africa.

Some of us can’t seem to dream about this coming weekend and some active and energetic people are here to take over the day. But the internet is more than ready to take on another day. The internet is like the extrovert at a party. Just like the extrovert who is everywhere at the party, everything that goes live on the internet goes around. We’ll try our best to get update you with the best bits that go viral today. Stay tuned with this live blog to be updated on everything going viral on social media platforms.