The microblogging platform, Twitter on October 28, 2020, suffered a brief outage. Several users reported that the website was facing issues on all the platforms. Netizens were unable to update their news feed, tweet, retweet and more and the outage had impacted the web, Android and iOS applications. Now as the services on the microblogging platform is restored, netizens, obviously flooded their Twitter timeline with hilarious posts. In this article, we will bring you some of the hilarious tweets and jokes from social media, as the technical glitch is now fixed for users on the microblogging platform.

People were unable to use Twitter, post 7:30 pm today, October 28, 2020. According to the website Downdetector, which records real-time outages of major social media platforms, Twitter users were experienced issues for nearly an hour. More than 2,000 people reported the glitch on the networking sites from several parts, majorly from India. The cause of the outage is still not known, but the services have now been restored.

Whenever, Twitter faces outage, the internet is flooded with funny memes and jokes. This time too, the moment, the service was restored on the microblogging platform, netizens rushed to share hilarious memes and jokes, displaying how annoying the one-hour of the outage was.

Check Tweets:

Almost Everyone on Twitter!


Oh Now You Can!

Surely We Do!




Earlier this month too, Twitter faced a global outage which encouraged users to flood their timeline with funny posts. As mentioned already, the reason of the outage was not known. Issues were reflected not only on the web version, but also on the Twitter app for iPhone and Android. Now that the service is restored, we hope you can happily tweet and share more funny memes to continue spreading laughter and positivity on the microblogging platform. Happy tweeting!

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