For a farmer, his cattle animals are his best friends. Despite the technology and mechanical equipment that has been developed for field activities, many farmers depend on their cows and bullocks from ploughing the field to carrying the produce. A video of a bull has been shared on Twitter, which shows him wearing the handle of the cart on his horns and pulling it himself. Usually, farmers guide their cattle to do the laborious tasks, but here the bull seems to be too familiar with his work and steps in the cart and readily caries it on his horn and walks ahead. This video is going viral and netizens have one prominent word among many praises, "Atmanirbhar" or self-reliant. This Video of Cow Playing Football With a Group of Boys Will Make You Laugh For Sure (Watch Funny Video).

Ever since PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation last month and urged people in helping to make India, a self-reliant nation of "Atmanirbhar Bharat", the word has stuck on people's mind. Now, it is quite common to come across fascinating animal tricks, videos or pictures revealing facts about certain species on Twitter. Similarly, a video of a bull pulling his own cart without any guidance from anyone has been shared on Twitter by Parvesh Sahib Singh, Member of Parliament: West Delhi. It is just a 12-second clip, its indeed impressive and now going viral. Among the many praises showered on the bull, people could not help but call it Atma Nirbhar!

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If it had a Name

His Duty of Willingness is Appreciated


So Good

Atma Nirbhar

Working Towards Being Atma Nirbhar

Clearly, the keyword for this bullock from netizens is self-reliant. Some even commented that we humans need to learn our duties from animals like these. Well, looks like this bull is too well-trained by his owner.

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