Here's a story that will interest most of you, at least the young folks. Ever happened when you or your partner have been to each other's homes while their parents are out and then somebody knocks on the door? Then the trouble of hiding before it raises more suspicions? It is a situation we have seen more commonly in serials, movies, or experienced in real lives? Now, a Twitter user has described a similar situation of inviting his girlfriend over when his parents were out. A doorbell rang and the girlfriend hid, but what happened next? It is a plot twist you wouldn't even expect. But it is too funny and going viral on social media now. Twitter Thread Comparing Emojis With Cute Dog Faces is The Most Wholesome Thing You Will See Today.

Twitter user Abhay Gupta posted a Twitter thread of 10 tweets describing what happened when he invited his girlfriend over. He starts with how there was his cousin's wedding which he could not attend because of his exams. After his family had to go away for three days, he made a plan with his girlfriend for staying over. All went well until she arrived and there was a doorbell. The guy goes to open the door to see his father's friend standing outside. What happens next? It is an unexpected twist but in line with the recent trend. A Thread of Tits Going Viral on Twitter is a Treat For Your Eyes, But 'Dirty Minds' Can't Keep Calm; Check Out These Funny Reactions.

Check The Twitter Thread Here:

Plan is Set!

All is Well

Someone At The Door

Now What?

Sound From The Kitchen



You'll Are Not Ready For This!

Are you annoyed yet laughing? "Rasode Me Kaun Tha?" is the question everyone is asking these days and the user gave a great background to ask it! Among the many funny memes and jokes that are going viral on Kokilaben, this thread is now going viral too and people cannot stop laughing. Check some reactions!

Waiting For Something Romantic

Or Paranormal

Too Funny!

You Too?

No one expected Kokilaben's dialogue to pop-up here. But it is too funny, the joke's on you if you have carefully read and anticipated what would happen next. The mystery here also remains, "Rasode Me Kaun Tha?"

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