A viral challenge has taken the life of a Chinese influencer. The Challenge is called a PK Challenge. As a part of that challenge, a man gulped a massive amount of potent local liquor on camera.

What is the PK Challenge?

PK Challenge is a battle which is live-streamed. The batter takes place among influencers and creators to grow their content and their audience. It is a real-time contest which is live-streamed, and it is a knock-out kind of contest. The winner of the contest gets rewards or gifts from the viewers. The loser gets a punishment which could be to consume Baiju, a local Chinese alcoholic. Chinese Influencer Dies After Binge-Drinking Alcohol: Zhong Yuan Huang Ge Aka Brother Huang Passes Away After Binging Excessive Amounts of Baijiu During Viral 'PK' Challenge.

The PK battles are quite popular on Chinese live-streaming apps. Such kind of batter can help influencers generate content, but they can be very dangerous to one's life.

What happened to the Chinese Influencer?

A man known by his online moniker Zhong Yuan Huang Ge or Brother Huang from the Central Plains died due to excessive consumption of alcohol on the morning of June 2, as per a New York Post report. He died from drinking too much alcohol after a live-streamed drinking battle. The 27-year-old Brother Huang's wife confirmed the news. What Is The Car Surfing Challenge? Know All About Dangerous Social Media Challenge That Resulted in The Death of 16-Year-Old Boy in Colorado, US.

Brother Huang was quite a popular influencer with 1,76,000 social media followers. Brother Huang's wife, surnamed Li, said that Huang had been trying to earn cash to pay off a massive debt totalling hundreds of thousands of yuan. She added that he incurred the debt before their marriage.

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