Do you know what a rectangle February is? Allow us to explain. This year the 28 days in the month of February shape up into a perfect rectangle and it is making netizens really happy. It is satisfying to see this perfectly shaped February 21, 2021, that starts and ends on days that make it form into a perfect rectangle. People are wishing that this perfectly shaped rectangle February 2021 brings in a little more perfection in life. But what exactly is a rectangle February and why is it shaped in that way? Find out. February Going Too Fast? Netizens Feel The Month is Rushing A Lil Too Soon After 'Long January' (Check Tweets). 

Why is February, a Rectangle Month?

Amongst all the 12 months, February is the only month where exists a possibility for it to shape into a perfect rectangle because of the number of days involved. February is the only month that has a number of days divisible by 7, specifically 28 and a rectangular February is not possible on a leap year because February has 29 days. However, apart from the month having 28 days, only if February 1 starts on a Sunday, you get a rectangle month. Leap Year: Funny Memes & Jokes On Leap Day To Make February 29, a Day Full Of LOLs For You!

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Rare Occurrence




Not only does it look satisfying but also somehow gives away positive vibes. February is also called the month of love because of Valentine's Day. However, in India, February 2021 also marks as the month when Mumbai local trains, popularly referred to as the lifeline of the maximum city, is all set to resume operations for general public from Monday from February 1, 2021. Mumbaikars were restricted from travel by local trains after the coronavirus outbreak in March 2020.

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