Wildlife Expert Coyote Peterson Gets Intentionally Stung by the Executioner Wasp (Watch Video)
Coyote Peterson deliberately gets stung (Photo Credits: Brave Wilderness YouTube)

Wildlife expert and American YouTuber Coyote Peterson got voluntarily stung by an insect. Peterson who is known for bug sting challenges held the executioner wasp in his hand and got purposely stung by the yellow-bodied insect. The 'King of Stungs' has uploaded the video of the risky attempt on his YouTube channel Brace Wilderness.

A slight pinch from the insect and Peterson couldn't move his hand a bit. The bug enthusiast and his team were on an expedition in Costa Rica when they found the executioner wasps in a nest. They safely captured one of these insects and studied more about it and its deadly sting effects. Eat Crickets For A Healthy Stomach? 5 Facts About Eating Insects, Bugs and Other Creepy Crawlies.

According to Brave Wilderness, the executioner wasp is generally found in large numbers in the jungles of Central and South America. These wasps generally feed caterpillars to their young and are not aggressive in nature. But their stings can cause a lot of pain, allergic reactions and even result in death.

Watch the video below:

The video shows Peterson in utter pain making us wonder if he would be able to make it. Fortunately, Peterson seemed fine by the end of the video. As soon as the bug stings Peterson's arms, he jumps and screams saying, "It's really bad, and it's really quick!" While the bug stung Peterson only for a few seconds, its effect was quickly seen on him; it even resulted in bleeding. Peterson often gets himself stung by dangerous insects and shares the video on his YouTube. In 2016, a video of him getting stung by a velvet ant had gone viral.