It is World Mental Health Day 2020 today, October 10. Mental health plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Today, when everything around is so fast and competitive, it is natural to get lost at times, but that does not mean we cannot fight back. A healthy mental stage helps you to take advantage of your everyday ability to succeed. We all deserve a break and do not need to be so hard on ourselves every day. As we observe World Mental Health Day 2020 today, people have taken to Twitter to share some thought-provoking quotes to address mental health. This is why World Mental Health Day 2020 messages and images have taken over social media because there is no health without mental health. How to Recognise Depression? Answer These Questions to Know When to Reach out for Help!

Stigmatising the topic of mental health helps no one. Let us talk about mental health and mental illness and not let that turn into something that makes people feel ashamed or awkward. The more we stigmatise mental health, the less likely a person is to seek support services. If you ever wondered how you could help those who suffer from mental health issues, the most significant thing you could do is talk about it. Here is how people on social media are observing World Mental Health Day 2020 today by sharing positive and inspiring quotes and messages letting each other know that we all can overcome any stage, together. World Mental Health Day 2020 Date, History, Theme and Significance: Here’s What You Should Know About the Day Dedicated to Global Mental Health Education. 

Check WHO's Tweet:

Happy World Mental Health Day!

Mental Health is Important

You Are Loved and Valued!

It's Okay to be Not Okay

Always Love Yourself

So, how are you planning to observe World Mental Health Day 2020? Before you share those meaningful quotes and participate in the process of creating mental health awareness, always remember to check on yourself too. Let us talk about it; let us learn about it and let us beat it—together!

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