‘Switch Bowling Action’ by Shiva Singh Leaves Cricket Fans Stunned! Watch Video of Left-Arm Spinner’s 360 Degree Turn Breaking the Internet
Switch Bowling Action Video (Photo Credits: BCCI)

The game of cricket has often been labelled as more batsman-friendly and a video shared by the BCCI on its Twitter handle does support this theory. The video shows a left-arm spinner turning 360 degrees midway his bowling runup and attempting a switch bowling. The left-arm spinner’s sudden turn to toss up the delivery from the right side had the umpire in a tizzy who declared it as a dead bowl. The bowler has been identified as Shiva Singh who was playing in the Uttar Pradesh vs Bengal Under-23 game at Kalyani. Nevertheless, Shiva's 'switch bowling action' video is breaking the internet! Wasim Akram Lauds Pakistani Kid With Identical Bowling Action in Viral Video, Wife Shaniera Thompson Agrees!

The switch hit has been in the game for years, and it is well within the legal rights of the batsman to use it. Attacking players like Tillakaratne Dilshan and Kevin Pietersen have used it to unsettle the opposition spinners with no objection raised by the umpires. So what prompted the match officials to term the delivery by Shiva as a dead ball. As seen in the video a long discussion ensues between the umpire and bowler over it. But the uniqueness of the idea has seen the video go viral on social media where it has racked up a large number of views and shares. Jasprit Bumrah on the Viral Video of 5-Year-Old Copying his Bowling Action, ‘It's a Wonderful Feeling’.

Switch Bowling? What's That? Watch Video!

The video also has split the opinion of cricket fans with many calling the delivery legal while there are many who disagree and say this type of bowling could set a wrong precedent. Whatever the case may be, it can be said for certain that the bowlers are coming up with their own ideas to counter the ever-growing clout of batsmen in the game.