Amazon India Introduces Cleo Skill in Alexa Devices to Understand Local Indian Languages
Amazon Representation (Photo Credit: Ubergizmo)

Artificial Intelligence is the next step in technology that is designed to help us commute easily in our digital lives. Now, Amazon’s AI assistant Alexa has taken a new phase in its evolution. Today, Amazon developers introduced a new skill called Cleo, which will aid Alexa in understanding Indian local languages and dialects, making it more connective to the Indian customers. The Cleo skill first debuted in the US in early 2017. Flipkart to Shut Business for eBay India Today; New Platform Underworks.

The new update helps the AI understand various Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali and Gujarati among others. Now you may think that Alexa would be able to talk back at you in your language with this new skill, but it will not. This new skill Cleo is designed for the AI to understand and learn your specific style and tone much more deeply so that it can serve you better. Google Tracks Your Location Even Without Permission says AP Investigation.

So how does Alexa’s Cleo skill work? Well, users will have to command Alexa to enable or open Cleo. After which Alexa will ask the user about the choice of language that he/she would be speaking. After the confirmation of the language like Hindi or Marathi, Alexa will ask you specific words and sentences which you have to translate in your chosen language. With this learning, Alexa will store the data from each session and embed itself with the newly acquired knowledge, which it will use next time to communicate with you. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to be Launched in India on August 22.

Developers of Amazon Alexa informed the tech website Gadget 360: "Cleo is one of many sciences, engineering approaches that we are taking, it is not an either-or type of situation. We are certainly investing in our widening. But interestingly, we want to listen to our customers, and Cleo is the solution for us to have that very direct connect."

Janet Slifka, Senior Manager, Research Science, Alexa Artificial Intelligence at Amazon further mentioned: "The very near impact of Cleo will be to help us realise the recognition correctly and then on the longer term, we will be able to understand what customers want beyond what we have already learnt from surveying our customers."