New Delhi, Dec 30: Apple has taken down an iPhone app called Vybe Together that promoted private parties during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the now-deleted FAQ page of Vybe Together had said it was designed to promote "small gatherings" rather than "big parties." The app that used the tagline "Get your rebel on. Get your party on," has also been banned on TikTok. The app's creators told The Verge that Apple was the one to take it off the App Store. Gold-Plated Apple AirPods Max From Caviar Is Priced Around Rs 80 Lakh.

The app promoted "gatherings every weekend" — including an upcoming New Year's Eve party — in a TikTok video. The Vybe Together app had only 25 ratings before being removed, and its Instagram page has under 1,000 followers. I

"The app appears to have launched previously under the name Trendies, a name mentioned on its now largely empty Instagram page". Its Instagram account now contains a single text post. "Blown out of proportion by media". "We DO NOT CONDONE LARGE GATHERINGS," it read.

Vybe Together's website also advertised a "Vybe House" for the 2021 Zamna Festival music event in Tulum, Mexico. Vybe Together kept a low profile although it was mentioned in at least one invitation to a New York party in September.

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