New Delhi, June 26: Pinterest, the photo-sharing platform, has unveiled a new feature that allows users to transform their Pinterest boards into engaging videos. The innovative update is inspired by the growing popularity of video-sharing platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Pinterest provides its users with a more interactive way to showcase their collections to inspire their followers.

As per a report of TechCrunch, Pinterest users can now turn boards into videos for sharing on Instagram and TikTok. The new feature of Pinterest is expected to make it easier for users to share their favourite pins and boards with a wide audience on various social media platforms. The ability to convert Pinterest boards into videos opens up wide possibilities for content creators, businesses and individuals, allowing them to showcase their creativity and interests in a more engaging and shareable format. Snapchat Introduces New Safety Features To Protect Teens and Broader Community From Online Scam.

Pinterest has noticed a significant rise in people sharing content that focuses on themselves and their own interests. They call this trend "mecore" and have seen a 565% increase in searches related to this activity on their platform every year. The number of boards with the title "mecore" has also grown by 255% since the previous year.

Pinterest's new feature will allow users to share their boards on social media in a more engaging way. When someone clicks on a shared board, they will be taken directly to the full board on Pinterest, which will make it easy for people to explore all the pins collected on that board or even purchase the products featured. YouTube New Feature Update: Google-Owned Video Streaming Platform Tests ‘Hype’ Feature for Small Creators; Check Details and Know How It Works.

How To Use the Pinterest Board Sharing Feature?

Users can share their board content in two ways: "Add to story" and "Download". To share the board directly to social media, select your board, tap the share icon and choose the "Add to story" option. It will generate a video or image of your board that you can edit by changing the featured Pins or the template. Once you're satisfied, tap "Add to story", copy the board link and click on the "Share story" button. Add your board link using the “link” sticker and then press “Share”.

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