Reliance Communications Plans to Expand Its Data Center Network in India
R Com Completes Sale of Fibre Assets to Reliance Jio for Rs 3,000 Crore. (Photo Credit: PTI)

Mumbai, Sep 26: Reliance Communications (RCOM) on Wednesday said it plans to expand its data centers in India, including those in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. RCOM recently set up its data center in Mumbai, which has opened an ecosystem to accommodate the speed of "Cloud acceleration" and the increase in "Cloud infrastructure", "PaaS" and global connectivity requirements of enterprises within India and globally, an RCOM statement said. "We plan to further expand our connected data centers across key hubs in India, including Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. We have lined up key Cloud provider partners to further leverage our facilities as aggregation points across India," an RCOM statement said quoting Bill Barney, CEO of RCOM and Global Cloud Exchange. He further said that the company would continue to operate and accelerate its business, delivering uninterrupted services to its customers. Reliance Jio Adds 10 Times More Users Than Rest of the Players in July.

"We are currently undertaking a series of key initiatives to significantly enhance our network infrastructure, processes and people capabilities," Barney added. According to Barney, the new data centre in Mumbai would have direct connectivity into GCX's new EAGLE express sub-sea cable system, which will deliver "the fastest routes from Mumbai, going east to Hong Kong and west to Italy".

The company's planned expansion of its data center footprint, along with ownership of the world's largest private sub-sea cable system, has already aligned RCOM/GCX with top OTT (over-the-top) and technology partners worldwide, paving the way into the next stage of global cloud acceleration and adoption, the statement said.

Besides, RCOM is also in the process of aligning network opportunities with strategic partners to enable further deployment of fiber across the country, which will enhance scalability and diversity to meet domestic business requirements. R Com Completes Sale of Fibre Assets to Reliance Jio for Rs 3,000 Crore.