Mumbai, September 20:  Mexican doctors discovered 'no evidence of any assembly or manipulation of the skulls' of the so-called 'non-human being' bones submitted to Mexico's congress last week, implying the remains were not created by humans. On Monday, the scientists performed a series of tests on the two specimens at the Noor Clinic, livestreaming the entire operation on Jaime Maussan's YouTube channel.

Finally, José Zalce Benitez, head of the Health Sciences Research Institute at the secretary's office of the Mexican navy, stated that the studies revealed the claimed aliens belonged to a single skeleton and were not built with human components. Alien Dead Bodies Found in Peru? Scientists Display 1,000-Years-Old 'Non-human' Corpses, Discovered in Cusco, in Mexico Congress, Video Goes Viral. 

He also claimed that one "was alive, was intact, was biological, and was in gestation," pointing to big lumps within the putative ET's abdomen that he speculated may be eggs. I can affirm that these bodies have no relationship to human beings, he previously stated. They look to be humanoid in form, with two arms and two legs apiece. Maussan said they possessed strong, light bones, no teeth, and implants of cadmium and osmium, two of the most rare metals on the planet. He stated that about one-third of their DNA is "unknown," suggesting the entities are not part of "our terrestrial evolution."

These specimens are not part of our evolutionary history of Earth. They are not recovered beings from a UFO crash. Instead, they were discovered in diatom (algae) mines and fossilised, Massaun explained to Mexican authorities and US delegates. Alien-Shaped Cake Video: Clip of Delicacy Baked in Shape of 'Alien Bodies' Displayed At Mexico Congress House Goes Viral. 

For years, scholars, archaeologists, and scientists have claimed that mummified remains claimed by UFO enthusiasts to be aliens are just modified human bodies. Others, particularly the smaller ones, such as those shown in Mexico, are made of a mix of animal and human bones. Sceptics include physics professor Brian Cox, who has called for a sample to be given to biologic tech company 23andMe for independent verification that the specimens are extraterrestrial, according to Sky News.

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