Aliens To Contact in the Next 15 Years? Watch the Video of 7 Recent UFO Sightings
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Theories regarding extra-terrestrial life always keep popping up. In fact, there have been so many conspiracy theories about alien life that the curiosity around their existence only rises. Now a new conspiracy theorist Graham Hancock uploaded a new video which has once again got the subject of alien life in limelight. A channel named 'StreetCap1' has received a million hits for their video describing UFO sightings around the globe, moon and around the International Space Station (ISS). Hancock said that there could be possible alien contact in about 15 years!

This video showed not one but seven mysterious flying objects around the ISS. It was a live feed shot by ISS on March 31, 2018. Although the objects seemed blurry but a presence of something is seen. But again, this is not a first of its kind unusual sighting but Hancock says they have increased at a dramatic rate. He compared earth to a large lab for aliens. And it is believed that they have so much advanced technology and sophisticated gadgets that they could wipe out humanity. He not only hinted at the danger but said aliens could be known to humanity in next 15 years. Do Aliens Really Exist? Some Astronauts Believe in Extraterrestrial Life!

Check out the video of 7 UFO's seen: 

In the specific interview, Graham also compared aliens as observers who are keeping a good eye on earth before they make contact. Graham is an established author whose work on ancient civilizations and such mysteries have sold over half a million copies worldwide. But then there are skeptics who plainly deny that the video was just shot during the falling of Tiangong- 1, the Chinese spaceship which crashed into the Earth's atmosphere yesterday.

There have been constant parallel reports about alien sightings and existence with relation to planet Venus. The clouds of Venus are said to have a host of alien life. So there are also a large number of people on Earth who see an existence of alien life but to see them in 15 years seems a little far-fetched? What is your idea of the theories of alien existence that are being given out constantly?