Giant and Stinkiest 'Corpse Flower' is About to Bloom in Vancouver Soon
Corpse flower is about to bloom in Vancouver (Photo credits: Instagram/bloedel_conservatory and Wikiimages)

The world's largest flower is all set for its blooming, and we are not sure if it is an anticipated vision as it also stinks! Known as the corpse flower, scientifically named Amorphophallus titanum is one of the largest flowers on the planet Earth and watching it could be an astonishment for many, but the stink it emits is unbearable. The Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver will see the bloom of this flower soon, and the nearby area is just about to get stinky.

The Vancouver Park Board has made a release to announce the blooming of the stinky flower. Their statement reads, "When it blooms, it unleashes the smell of rotting flesh. Some have also described its unmistakable scent as similar to discarded diapers or hot garbage." So we wonder if people would go to visit there, but the park plans to extend the visiting hours during the blooming days. The horticultural staff of the park has been tending to the plant ever since it was got it two years back.

The blooming of the corpse flower is very rare and sometimes takes up to 7 to 10 years for its first bloom. It blooms for just a day or two. The rancid smell it emits is said to attract the pollinator insects like carrion beetles and flesh flies that feed on dead animals. The flower is not easy to spot, and Vancouver is one of the rare cities in North America to have the plant so well tended. Well, nature has its unusual ways of display and the corpse flower, although stinky remains one of them. So interested people can visit the park to catch the rare display. Don't say we did not warn you about the stink though!