Gujarat Snake Lovers' Club App Educates You About Snakes and Also Connects Rescuers
The application will educate about snakes (Photo credits: Pixabay, skeeze)

Ahmedabad, August 1: Snake spotting is not a very pleasing thing to most people, not in your regular city environment. Most people fear the slithery reptiles and panic on spotting one in the vicinity. Now a group of snake lovers in the city of Ahmedabad have devised an application which will help if you find more about it and what to do next. The application is called 'Snake Lovers Club' and it will educate the people about the reptiles and also connect the rescuers from different areas. 60 Highly Poisonous Russell's Viper Snakes Found in School's Kitchen in Maharashtra (Watch Video)

People are not aware and have mostly negative notions about snakes, which causes panic. In the monsoon season, snakes are commonly seen as they come out of their holes. Dharmendra Trivedi who has been a snake rescuer for decades helped in making this application. He was quoted in a news report, "We want people to not fear the snakes. Through the app, we give them contact details of the rescuers so they can call them up when a snake is spotted on their premises. This will ease the human-reptile struggle. The app will provide their pictures and information so that people can identify them." There are more than 60 types of snakes found in the state and among there are four poisonous snakes- cobra, common krait, Russell’s viper and sawscaled viper. Hundreds of Snakes Including Baby Cobras Found in a Daily Worker's House in Odisha, Watch Video!

This application is available in both English and Gujarati language. It will make a point to educate about the snakes and probably could be extended even to other states, as the reptiles are not just restricted to a particular area.