October Full Moon 2018: Here Is All About Hunter's Moon Gracing the Skies Tonight
Full Moon (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The full moon that appears during the month of October is also known as Hunters Moon. This year it rises tonight, October 24. It has several other names in different cultures and tradition. While the October Full Moon appears annually, every four years there is an exception.

According to a report in Universe Today, in such a case, it does not appear until November. According to some beliefs it is known as Hunters Moon because hunters during the month of October people hunted and killed deer in the moonlight. In European and Native American traditions, it is believed that hunters with the help of the light of the full moon track their prey and stock up for the coming winter. It is also known as blood moon due to the orange-red tinge of the moon. Various traditional customs and practices are also attached to it.

The moon will continue to put on a show in the sky for a few days. Clear skies will give skywatchers a good sight of the moon. Going away from the city lights and cloudy areas will help in optimal viewing. The hunter's moon occurs six months from now in the Southern Hemisphere.

Other than suggesting the change of the season, people also have various spiritual beliefs related to astronomy around the October Full Moon.  The Orionid meteor shower which occurs every year is another matter of excitement for sky enthusiasts. It happens from October 2 to November 7 annually thanks from the debris from Halley's Comet.